> AC Cooling Control System

AC Cooling Control System (ACCS) is applicable to startup and control of single-phase AC electric motor (compressor) and other single or three phase loads. ACCS is featured with small size, light weight, low power consumption coil, large contact load, strong shock resistance and high reliability.


> ATSE Solution Series

ATSE solution series provide intelligent alarm functions of overvoltage, undervoltage and/or open phase. The operator can set parameters on the intelligent controller panel. Remote control and communication are enabled via communication interface. It operates in auto transfer and auto retransfer/manual retransfer modes. The installed fire control switch enables automatic and simultaneous switch-off of the 2-way power.



> Motor Protection System

Motor Protection System (MPS) works as the optional protector in multiple cases e.g. overload, open phase, default phase and short circuit, and the protector of distribution line and non-frequent load conversion.


> Eectrical Apparatus control system solutions

Eectrical Apparatus control system solutions Electrical Apparatus Control System Solutions(EACSS) develops higher evel of intelligent control, user-friendly design, and convenient installation. With EACSS, scientific planning and upgrade of the electrical grid is achieved, safe and accurate electrical control is guaranteed, and users's demand to easily practice power distribution control and management and precise power system control is met.



> Power Distribution Eectrical Apparatus System Solution

Power Distribution Electrical Apparatus System solution (PDEASS) is the collaborative dedication of many electrical experts with independent intellectual property rights, designed to provide users with customized services and meet users's demand of easily managing power distribution control and longer life, less consumption, more reliable operation.