Contents and requirements of daily maintenance of molded case circuit breakers

The daily maintenance of molded case circuit breakers is the basic work of equipment maintenance and must be institutionalized and standardized. Timely maintenance of equipment should formulate work quotas and material consumption quotas, and evaluate them according to the quotas. The timely maintenance of molded case circuit breakers should be included in the evaluation of the workshop contract responsibility system. Regular inspection of molded case circuit breakers is a planned protection inspection. In addition to human senses, there should also be certain inspection tools and instruments, which should be carried out according to the regular inspection card, which is also called regular inspection. The mechanical equipment should also be checked for accuracy to determine the specific pros and cons of the equipment.
The maintenance of the molded case circuit breaker should be carried out in accordance with the maintenance procedures. Equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and requirements for the daily maintenance of equipment. Adhering to the equipment maintenance procedures can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. Specific content should include:
(1) The parts, methods and specifications of daily inspection, maintenance and regular inspection;
(2) Molded case circuit breakers should be neat, clean, firm, moisturizing, anti-corrosion, safety and other work contents, working methods, tool materials, etc., to meet specifications and precautions;
(3) Check and evaluate the contents and methods of the operator to maintain the equipment level.
Molded case circuit breaker application maintenance requirements
(1) Install the molded case circuit breaker in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual;
(2) Molded case circuit breakers with special requirements for the environment (temperature control, humidity control, earthquake resistance, anti-fouling) companies should take corresponding measures to ensure the accuracy and performance of the equipment:
(3) Molded case circuit breakers cannot disassemble and assemble parts during routine maintenance, stop immediately when abnormality occurs, and cannot operate with illness;
(4) Strictly abide by the cutting specifications stipulated in the equipment manual, and only allow direct processing of parts and components. The machining allowance should be as small as possible. When machining castings, the surface of the blank should be sandblasted or painted in advance;
(5) It is necessary to add a protective cover during non-working hours, and for long-term rest, scrubbing, moisturizing, and emptying should be carried out on a regular basis;
(6) Accessories and special tools should be placed on special cabinet racks, kept clean, avoid scratches, and must not be borrowed.

Post time: Aug-11-2022