What is an isolating switch? What is the role of the isolating switch? how to choose?

What is an isolating switch? What is the function of the isolator? How to choose?
The isolating switch everyone was referring to was the one with the small machete gate open. Disconnect the switching power supply efficiently. Under high voltage, the isolation switch must not be loaded. Transportation of the pull-in switch will cause electric solitary contusion, minor burns, and serious harm to life.
The isolator is used in conjunction with the circuit breaker under high working pressure. When repairing the route, turn on and turn off the power first to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.
Electrical equipment isolating switch, single earthing switch, double earthing switch, bus tie switch in 11kv substation. Neutral grounding switch.
Accurate measurement of high voltage puts it plainly that a single grounding switch means that when the switch is closed, one side of the route is grounded to ensure safety. The same is true for a double grounding switch. In the whole process of turning off the power, the busbar can switch off the power to have the function of switching power, and the neutral grounding switch is a switch for working.
The key functions of the isolator are as follows.
1. When completing the maintenance of high and low voltage electrical equipment, use an isolating switch to separate the electric and non-electric parts, creating an established interruption point, separating the maintenance of the equipment from the large current input of the power supply system, and ensuring maintenance Safety of workers and power distribution equipment.
2. The isolating switch and the circuit breaker cooperate with each other to switch the operation and change the operation method.
①When the circuit breaker of the outgoing module of a certain unit group is locked due to other reasons, when the bypass circuit breaker is used for other operations, an isolating switch can be selected and connected to the control circuit;
②For semi-closed wiring, when a short circuit in a series produces a tap, an isolating switch can be used to untie the loop (but note that all circuit breakers in other series must be in the reclosing position);
③A double busway single-segment wiring method. When one of the two busway circuit breakers and the segmented circuit breaker is tapped, it can be disconnected according to the isolating switch.
Classification of electrical isolation switches.
From the operating method of electrical insulation switches, electrical equipment isolating switches can be divided into horizontal rotating, vertical rotating, plug-in and other electrical equipment isolating switches. According to the number of electrical insulation switches, electrical insulation switches can be divided into single-column, single-column, and three-column electrical isolation switches.
In fact, this is also a kind of switching device, which can be connected to or disconnected from the switching power supply. Only some small key points of the electrical isolation switch. For example, when the electrical isolating switch is divided into parts, there is a clearly specified distance between the circuit breakers in the middle of the circuit breaker, and it also contains a significant disconnection mark. When the electrical isolating switch is closed, the electrical isolating switch can bear all the current under normal control loops and abnormal phenomena, such as short-circuit faults in the case of short-circuit faults under very standard conditions.
Choose the method of turning off the power and closing. When the power is off, first disconnect the circuit breaker and let the power circuit disconnect the load. If there is no load, disconnect the isolating switch. When wiring, check whether the load circuit breaker has been disconnected. , Only when all load-side circuit breakers are in the off condition, that is, when the disconnecting switches are closed and there is no load, it can be reclosed. After the disconnecting switch is turned off, the circuit breaker can be closed again.

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